Promote Uganda Limited, incorporated in October 2006 as a mass media company, was created to develop and produce audio/visual and multi-media content to showcase Uganda’s investment and tourism potential in markets across Africa, Europe, Asia and the USA.

Originally, dissemination was achieved through an innovative model of providing free or at-cost audio-visual equipment to Uganda’s Missions Abroad, who would in turn promote the content generated. In parallel, Promote Uganda established a fully-formed production unit with state of the art filming equipment and a full-service team of professionals including videographers, editors and script writers who continue to produce the full spectrum of modern creative content for use in broadcast and online.

Promote Uganda’s consultancy arm has advised on a range of strategic and communications related projects, including poverty action fund expenditure tracking, monitoring and documentation at the community level, a study on strengthening of a sector wide approach in the transport sector and feasibility studies for manufacturing facilities.

Promote Uganda’s clients now include a number of Ugandan ministries, parastatals and private enterprises, as well as the AU/UN/ Information Support Team (IST), for whom it has worked since 2016, providing the Multimedia Production and Distribution services and supporting operations.


To promote Uganda’s natural beauty, people and culture in order to attract investors and tourists that will boost economic development and create employment opportunities leading to improved standards of living of Ugandans.


To be the leading company in showcasing Uganda’s potential in order to contribute to its development.

Areas of Operation

  • Uganda
  • Africa
  • Europe
  • Asia
  • United States of America
  • UN Base in Somalia

In Somalia

The company is a key provider of multi-media consultancy services to our clients who include; Africa Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM), United Nations Office in Somalia (UNSOS) and United Nations Assistance Mission in Somalia (UNSOM). The information support Promote Uganda offers as part of a consortium has helped to reach out to complex audiences within and outside the country.

In Uganda

Promote Uganda regularly provides her services to the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development, Government statutory agencies and diplomatic missions.  The content developed showcases Uganda’s beauty and investment opportunities serving as a useful guide to potential investors and tourists to the country.